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Important Considerations For Air Conditioning Repairs & Replacements In South Florida

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When you live in the hot, humid South, you need to be sure your air conditioning system is running in top condition so you have the most in energy efficiency from your unit. Your air conditioning system should be giving you at least the minimum standards of efficiency. Building codes are defined by ASHRAE, the American Society of heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning engineers.

This global society advances human well-being through sustainable technologies for the built environment and sets standards for consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, architects, and government agencies including code enforcement authorities.

ASHRAE standards for air conditioners in South Florida vary from area to area, but local code enforcement authorities maintain the information needed to ensure that your air conditioner repairs, installations, and replacements adhere to at least minimum standards.

These standards and resulting building codes protects owners from substandard workmanship and substandard equipment. Codes can be set for ventilation, energy efficiency, design for high performance in different building types, indoor air quality, temperature minimums, specific installation techniques and materials, and more.

Most air conditioning systems are designed to be able to maintain an interior temperature of 75º on a design day, yet systems often can achieve temperatures below this. Temperatures that are set below this often cause sweating in ducts, vents and all around any elevated substructure or crawl spaces.

Moisture-laden outside air causes wasted energy and can cause infiltration, which is one of the most unaccounted for indoor air quality problems we have here in the South. This influx of moist air into the home causes poor indoor air quality and allows for additional problems like the growth of mold, mildew, and algae.

When infiltration occurs, it can be caused by differing factors that allow moisture laden air into your home. You may have spaces in your attic, walls, under doors, around windows, or other areas that need to be filled in properly. The exterior of your home should form a complete barrier for air to enter with no holes or spaces for moisture to infiltrate.

Another important consideration for your home's air conditioning is that your system is sufficient to properly cool your home. There is no set standard on the minimum or maximum size of air conditioner you may want to install. Any homeowner can choose to cool one room or no rooms in the home. Which means your air conditioner could be too large or too small for the space you're wanting to cool.

Your home's square footage and layout play a huge role in how your air conditioning system should be designed and what equipment you'll need to sufficiently serve it. Your home may have been built with no central air, partial or limited central air, or room cooling A/C units like the window air conditioner or mini-ductless units. There's no guarantee your air conditioner is of the right size for the square footage you're trying to cool.

Signs you may need air conditioning repairs or inspections:

  • Moisture gathering on walls or in visible areas of your home
  • An air conditioning system that seems to work fine but can't reach temperatures set
  • Pockets of warm air in the home that won't cool
  • Rooms or large sections of home not cooling

These few considerations alone warrant the inspection of a professional air conditioning repair contractor if you're noticing problems. When your home's air conditioner is of the right size and your home's indoor humidity levels are under control, you should have no problems cooling it off.

If you do, just give us a call at the number below and we'll schedule a time to come examine your air conditioner and find what's wrong. For fast troubleshooting and expert air conditioning repairs in South Florida, go with Efficient Air & Heating!

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